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If you are lucky enough to buy a property with a spare room, it can be a tough decision in deciding what actually to do with the space. Most people would consider making a guest bedroom, but here are a few more ideas to help utilize that space.

Quiet Room

If you have a busy work and home life, it is often hard to find somewhere where you can actually relax and unwind. A quiet room is an ideal place to reflect on what has occurred during the day, or even would be good to go first thing in the morning with your coffee. You could also spend time in there reading your favorite book, or even writing a diary. A quiet room would also be perfect for fans of yoga or meditation.


If you work as a freelancer or have your own business, you could make your spare room into an office. It would be a great space to complete your job in, and you could also keep all paperwork in there.

Even if you do not work at home, an office is still a good place to put your computer in, as well as any book shelves. It’s a perfect location to sort out your accounts, and you could keep your important documents in there. You can get some good office ideas on Pinterest.

Games Room

As the world of technology develops, many people are now playing games way into their adulthood years. If you want somewhere where you can play for hours on end, a games room would be an excellent place to put a television with a Playstation or an X-Box. It would also be a perfect ‘man cave’ for your partner. If you are more traditional, it could be a room where you play board games. If you have children, a games room could be somewhere where you put all their toys, so that they aren’t scattered around the house.


If you decide to make your spare room a gym, you will save hundreds on buying a gym membership. It can be a great way to utilize your spare room, as well as helping you to stay healthy. Depending on the size of the bedroom, you could have a couple of hi-tech equipment, and then perhaps have a gym ball and some dumbbells. And don’t forget to add a stereo in there to help you keep moving. Here are some extra essential items for your new home gym.

Even if you decide to make your spare room one of the above, you could still incorporate a sofa bed into the room, so that you have accommodation available for your guests. Sites such as Love The Sign have a huge range of sofa beds, and you can choose something that doesn’t take up much space.

And if you want some further tips on decorating your other bedrooms, we give you some inspiration here to make all your bedrooms look great in your home.