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The First Congregational Church of Rockport announces a special concert to take place at 3:00PM Sunday, October 8.  All proceeds will go to the church’s Save Our Steeple fund.



Soprano Jennifer Sgroe and pianist Beverly Soll will present “To the Sea”, a narrated program of song exploring Americans, particularly New Englanders, and their relationship to the sea. The performers have brought their collective experiences to the creation of this unusual recital. The purpose of To the Sea is to bring to its audience a new experience in listening to music as it connects with poetry and the rich history of New England.  The program includes early maritime work songs, parlor music of the 19th century, and beautiful, highly expressive poetry and song spanning the 20th- into the 21st century.  A dozen composers and as many poets are represented, most of whom hail from the New England region.



The First Congregational Church is in the midst of a project to rebuild its iconic steeple.  A planned restoration project revealed that the steeple was in far worse condition than expected, and the steeple was dismantled.  Originally estimated to cost $260,000, the greatly expanded project is now projected to cost $720,000.  The church is trying to raise $200,000 from the public to supplement a CPA grant and funds from the church’s reserves in order to complete the project.

A reception with the artists will follow the concert.  Chowder and pie will be served, the cost of which is included in the ticket price.

Tickets are $30 and can be purchased at or at the door.