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Editors’ Choice

Metzy’s Taqueria


bons 2016 dine winner

Photographs by Rachael Kloss


With a bricks-and-mortar location on the horizon at press time, Metzy’s impresses with high-quality ingredients combined in delicious ways—from classics like the grilled steak taco, topped with crispy onion, and chipotle sour cream; and the fried fish burrito, stuffed with cod, shaved cabbage, guacamole, and spicy tartar sauce to specials like short rib tacos with fried jalapeños.



Readers’ Choice

Metzy’s Taqueria


Insider Tip

Metzy’s Taqueria 

 Cooking real food fresh to order takes time—order online or by phone for grab-and-go service. Newburyport (Check Facebook or Twitter for daily locations)