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As you step inside the landmark storefront at 429 Washington Street—past the familiar blue and white awning with “The E.B. Horn Company: Established 1839” simply stated on the front and the large picture window filled with glittering gems and shining gold—there is a sense of being transported back in time. The store’s original chandeliers still hang from the embossed tin ceiling.

Of course, much has changed since Edwin B. Horn founded the E.B. Horn Company 176 years ago. Yet the look of the now-famous jewelry store, the feeling of family and the old-fashioned traditions of quality, service, and value have remained intact.

Today, The E.B. Horn Company is one of the oldest jewelry stores still in existence in the United States. The store boasts one of the largest selections of diamonds, jewelry, and watches in New England. It also has a comprehensive estate jewelry department, which specializes in both buying and selling—attracting customers and dealers from all over the world.

It has been said that The E.B. Horn Company sells more jewelry per square foot than any other jewelry store in the country. Take one look at their unique storefront window at Downtown Crossing and it’s easy to see why. Unlike most jewelry store windows that display only a few select pieces of “eye candy”—the window at E.B. Horn on Washington Street is chock-full of every imaginable type of diamond, watch, and fine jewelry.

“A lot of people who visit our store, especially from out of town, tell us that when they come to Boston, one of the things they always want to do is come down and look at our window,” says Michael Finn of E.B. Horn.

“What is in our window is a reflection of what is in our store,” Finn continues. “Our window changes constantly, but it will always have a selection of engagement and wedding rings, antique jewelry, designer jewelry, watches, pens, lighters, and even baby gifts. There is truly something for everyone who passes by.”

The E.B. Horn Company is located at 429 Washington Street, in the heart of Boston’s Downtown Crossing district, or visit them at