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This summer, Mark Wahlberg and his R-rated fluffy friend, Ted, will be filming a remake of the overwhelmingly successful 2012 flick. According to Ipswich residents, a temporary barn is in the midst of construction on Appleton Farms, where part of the movie will be filmed.

Appleton Farms is one of the country’s oldest farms still in operation today, and has been run by nine generations of Appleton family members since its inception in 1636. This 658-acre farm is home to grazing cows and chickens, and produces fresh eggs and milk daily. The land is open to the public and features six miles of walking trails as well as a dairy and farm store, which offers milk, cheese, butter, beef, and eggs, and a wide range of other locally produced goods.  A visit to Appleton Farms is free of charge for members of The Trustees of Reservations and three dollars for non-members.

Moving from a Boston film location, where they begin work July 21, Ipswich filming is set to start on August 20. Wahlberg and the rest of the sequel’s cast, which includes Amanda Seyfried, will film for about two weeks at this location.