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Lawrence’s Uncommon Threads launches #UncommonInfluence. 

Uncommon Threads, the Lawrence nonprofit organization founded by Susan Kanoff (@TheMidlifeFashionista), has always been anything but uncommon. Devoted to empowering economically disadvantaged women and providing them with clothing and confidence through personal development programs and styling sessions focused on self-esteem, Uncommon Threads has spurred two spinoffs in the forms of Uncommon Closet (an “upscale resale” boutique) and, most recently, Uncommon Influence, which harnesses the power of 19 style and beauty influencers (with a combined social media audience of more than 800,000), who champion the cause of Uncommon Threads. 

Uncommon Influence is not only a new online shopping experience, but also a labor of love for Kanoff, and in many ways a natural extension of what she has always tried to accomplish via Uncommon Threads. As Kanoff says, “We call our mission fashion for good. It is shopping with a purpose. So many women already enjoy shopping, and this takes it to a new level and gives it a deeper meaning that many people can get behind.”

(Above) Founder of Uncommon Threads Susan Kanoff. Photograph by Sarah Jordan McCaffery

The idea for Uncommon Influence grew organically from social media and through conversations with influencers who were motivated and inspired by Uncommon Threads and wanted to help drive sales to Uncommon Closet. Kanoff formed this group of 19 unique influencers based on a shared desire to help others and their belief that clothing can transform not only the way a woman looks, but also how she feels. 

Uncommon Influence takes the power of social media and uses it to feature luxury fashion items from the personal closets of these hand-picked influencers. Items donated via Uncommon Influence might be from Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Helmut Lang, or other top-tier designers. All items are available for purchase, with proceeds going to Uncommon Threads for clothing and programs to help disadvantaged women. For Kanoff, this is just the beginning, and in many ways Uncommon Influence has already proven its value, attracting the attention of clothing, makeup, and jewelry brands all wanting to help in the form of social media campaigns that donate a portion of sales back to Uncommon Threads. 

An Uncommon Influence shopper might find a top for a steal or a designer bag for a few thousand dollars. The inventory is unique and ever-changing. Shopping via Uncommon Influence offers shoppers the chance to purchase pieces from the closets of some of their favorite influencers. Pieces are clearly marked with size and note which closet the piece came from, creating an extra element of excitement to the shopping process.

Having grown up in Wakefield, influencer and Uncommon Influence member Lisa Tamagini (@Agegr8fully) is thrilled to give back locally on the North Shore. “This is my home turf, and being able to be involved with Uncommon Influence in this way and with Susan and this group of influencers is so rewarding” she says. Diane Komodromos (@RoomtoVeuve) is also part of the group and believes in the power of clothing to transform the way someone feels. “Being an adult in a position to give back, I feel so grateful to be able to participate in this, and it just warms my heart knowing I can help someone look and feel good about themselves,” she explains. 

Shoppers themselves are turning out to be wonderful unofficial spokespeople as well, explains Kanoff.  “We are seeing customers who shop at Uncommon Closet posting online and tagging us. They will show off how they have styled purchases from Uncommon Closet and Uncommon Influence. It is really nice to see it all coming full circle and so many efforts working together towards our goal of helping women in need.”

Shoppers can shop locally in person or online anytime, and pieces are available to ship throughout the United States.

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