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The Big Fake Wedding, Willowdale Estate

The Big Fake Wedding isn’t your typical bridal show. Instead, the fun event invites attendees to a “real” fake wedding, complete with an emotional ceremony and rollicking reception where vendors get to show off their services the way they would at a real wedding. Plus, the BONS-winning Willowdale Estate serves as the venue, making the bridal show that much better.


Readers’ Choice

Cruiseport Gloucester’s Annual Great Bridal EXPO

Gloucester, 978-282-9700,

Cruiseport Gloucester’s Annual Bridal Expo will inspire you and your sweetie as you plan your wedding, and you’ll have fun while you’re there to boot. Tour Cruiseport Gloucester’s stunning seaside wedding venue and its luxury cruise ship at Cruiseport Gloucester’s Annual Bridal Expo. Couples will also get a chance to sample the food, desserts, music, and fashions that will make their wedding the event they’ve been dreaming of.