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A couple weekends ago Chef Joshua Clark of The Meat House held a tailgating cooking demonstration at the Beverly butcher location. Chef Clark, most recently executive chef at Masa Restaurant in Boston’s South End, used all local ingredients to grill up a sizzling steak sandwich with a gooey-sweet onion barbeque sauce perfect for game day. Chef Clark taught the hungry audience that by prepping ingredients before game time, hungry football fans can have a hot grilled steak sandwich in no time.

To see a quick video of Chef Clark’s cooking demonstration, click here

Please find the recipe below, along with a blurb with more information about Chef Clark. All of the local ingredients listed in the recipe are available at The Meat House in Beverly.


Tailgating-Friendly Steak Sandwich: Serves 10


· 1x 2 lb. Iggy’s of the World Baguette, sliced in half thickness-wise

· 4x red onions, sliced

· 2x green peppers, julienned

· 1 jar Burnin’ Love brand Sweet Onion Blues sauce

· 1 bottle Burnin’ Love brand Sassy Molassy sauce

· 1 x 1.5 lb Pineland Farms Prime Ribeye Steak

· 3Ž4 lb Pineland Farms Pepper Jack cheese, sliced 1/8 in. thick

To Prepare:

1. In a skillet, saute onions and peppers until caramelized, approx. 5 minutes

2. Add 1 jar of Sweet Onion Blues and 1ÂŽ2 bottle of Sassy Molassy and simmer 2 minutes

3. Spread mixture over each half of the baguette

4. Layer cheese over the top of the sauce, covering it completely

5. Wrap, and refrigerate – This will be one component you bring to game day

On game day:

1. Turn grill to Med-High heat

2. Place steak on the grill for 7 minutes per side

3. Let the Steak rest 3 minutes

4. While steak is resting, place bread on grill, cheese side up, for 30 seconds, until toasted

5. Slice steak 1ÂŽ2 in thick

6. Assemble your sandwich: Place slices of steak on the bread, close the sandwich, cut to order


About Chef Clark: Chef Joshua Clark, most recently the Executive Chef at Masa Restaurant in Boston’s South End. A New Hampshire native, and graduate of The New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier VT in 2001. He has worked in some of this country’s premier hotels, including The Mount Washington Hotel, in Bretton Woods New Hampshire, The Rabbit Hill Inn in Lower Waterford VT, The Inn of the Anasazi, and The Inn at Loretto, both in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He considers himself “born into it” having been raised in a family run Bed and Breakfast, and has been, as he puts it, “cooking for a living” for more than 15 years.