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Editors’ Choice 

Shaban’s of Andover

Standout Qualities: Shaban’s of Andover is a high-end men’s specialty store that specializes in modern, classic suits and clothing from the United States and Italy. They also carry a selection of men’s casual wear and weekend favorites for every occasion. 

What’s Unique: On-site professional tailoring and wardrobe consulting.

What’s New: This spring, Shaban’s celebrated their 16th anniversary, and in 2015 they moved their growing business to their current Main Street location in Andover.

 9 Main St., Andover, 978-475-5996,


Readers’ Choice 

Giblees, Danvers

Standout Qualities: An unmatched selection of suits, sport coats, and tuxedos for every man.

Philosophy: Treat clients like friends. Come in once and you’ll be a customer for life.

Fun Fact: Many local broadcasters and well-known sports figures frequent the store. (Gronk, we’re looking at you!)

85 Andover St., Danvers, 978-774-4080,