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No group felt the impact of the 2009 recession more than those nearing or just entering retirement. As the financial markets gradually show signs of recovery, new questions and challenges arise: Will you need to work longer than planned? Do you need to increase savings or adjust spending? What can you do now to better protect your assets and your lifestyle in retirement?

As an independent financial professional, I can help you find the answers you seek. I’ve focused my practice on understanding the unique challenges people face in preparing for retirement, and to provide personalized guidance that puts my clients’ goals first.

It’s important to understand that my approach doesn’t begin with answers or solutions. Instead, it begins with questions and a conversation that will help determine what is unique about you and your situation. Once we’ve determined your needs, preferences and goals, I will provide the analysis and research required to develop a strategy tailored to your individual needs that reflects your objectives and tolerance for risk.

DawnMarie Corneau

Corneau Wealth Management

100 Cummings Center, Suite 110J

Beverly, MA 01915