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Nunan’s is more than just a business; it’s a family endeavor, where the ties run deep, intertwining sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and the youngest generation of kids.


In 1985, when the Flynn family purchased Nunan’s Florist and Greenhouses in Georgetown, it was a small local business, primarily selling plants and flowers to the community. Over the years, Nunan’s has transformed into a thriving hub for garden enthusiasts, holiday shoppers, and families from all over the region. 

Today, this family-owned gem boasts not only a nursery but also a charming cafe, an ice cream shop, and a beautiful miniature golf course. The property is currently under the care of several Flynn family members, including Steve Sr. and Stephen Jr., along with Steve’s sisters Maryanne Gotts and Maureen Nickerson. Joining the ranks are Stephen Jr.’s children, Jordan, Teddie, and Kallie, as well as his wife, Staci, who play an integral role in organizing events at the cafe.

“We’ve evolved into a destination that families can visit for a few hours to unwind, explore, and have a good time,” says Stephen Flynn Jr.

Under the guidance of the Flynn family, this vibrant operation has flourished, adding 15 modern greenhouses and a state-of-the-art garden center. But what truly sets Nunan’s apart is the warm and welcoming atmosphere you’ll encounter. Friendly Flynn family members can be found working daily at the location, ready to assist and share their passion for plants.

“You can wander through the annuals into the perennials, and through the shrubs and trees, and you’re surrounded by color and texture everywhere you go,” Flynn says.

Lovers of indoor greenery and blooms will love the sprawling houseplant section, including succulents, bonsai, and hanging, table, and floor plants. There is also a floral shop staffed by four designers who can create the perfect lush arrangements for a special event or just to brighten the dining table. 

Amidst this flourishing backdrop, another chapter unfolds. Cafe Sarina and Kallie’s Kones share equal importance in this heartwarming story, each bearing a name from one of the Flynn daughters and contributing to the family’s journey.

Cafe Sarina, established in 2019, is a farm-to-table restaurant  designed to encourage the appreciation of life’s simple joys. Named after Sarina, the youngest of the Flynn daughters, who was born with Down Syndrome in 2010, this charming establishment invites both locals and visitors to savor the moment with its delightful menu. It embodies togetherness and celebration, embracing the profound beauty of slowing down and cherishing life’s simple pleasures.

Kallie’s Kones, located within Cafe Sarina, is named after Kallie, another of the Flynn daughters. It is a symbol of resilience and the celebration of life’s small victories. Diagnosed with cancer at the age of four, Kallie faces months of chemotherapy and surgery. Fighting through her treatments often left Kallie with little appetite for anything but a bowl of ice cream at the end of the day. Today, she has been cancer-free for 11 years and happily lends a hand at the Café on weekends.

Together, Cafe Sarina and Kallie’s Kones epitomize the Flynn family’s mission to provide a sanctuary for visitors—a place where one can pause, treasure life’s simple pleasures, and forge lasting memories with loved ones. 

Holiday Happenings 

As the seasons ebb and flow, Nunan’s undergoes a festive transformation, offering holiday delights and a chance for the community to come together and celebrate. As gardening season takes a backseat, the festive spirit comes alive at Nunan’s and the cafe.

Nov. 16 marks the beginning of the festivities with a special holiday preview night. Explore a world of poinsettias, Christmas items, and fragrant green trees that set the stage for the upcoming season. From 6 to 8 p.m. visitors will enjoy live music, holiday décor, local craft vendors, and more.

For the next six weeks, the space is transformed into a holiday wonderland. Discover indoor tree displays adorned with shimmering ornaments, tables adorned with roping and wreaths for outdoor decoration inspiration, and gorgeous floral arrangements that blend seasonal greens with vibrant blooms. Dive into holiday classes, where you can create and decorate your own wreaths and boxwood trees.

And on Dec. 3, there will be a special guest appearance: Santa Claus himself will arrive, ready to pose for photos and listen to wish lists as part of the annual Holiday Open House from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It’s a magical time to visit,” Flynn Jr. says. “But that’s really true all year.”

269 Central St., Georgetown, 978-352-8172,