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Editors’ Choice 

DownRiver Ice Cream, Essex 

Standout qualities: No preservatives, local milk, and other local ingredients make for a creamy and rich, but not too rich, indulgent treat.

What’s unique: The flavors. Try Green Head, their take on mint chocolate chip, or Phyrexian Peanutbutter Corruption—chocolate ice cream with peanut butter truffles and swirls of liquid peanut butter.

Fun fact: Every serving item, right down to the spoons and straws, is compostable and picked up weekly by Black Earth Compost.

241 John Wise Ave., Essex, 978-768-0102,


Readers’ Choice 

Richardson’s Ice Cream, Middleton

Fun fact: The Richardsons started a farm in their current location, then known as Salem Village, in 1695, and have milked cows there every day ever since.

156 South Main St. (Rte. 114), Middleton, 978-774-5450,