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Chill out with the Plum Island Grille’s Plumtini.

When the hot summer sun is cooking and your taste buds are calling for an ice-cold adult beverage, look no further than the Plum Island Grille in Newbury, home to the Plumtini. Created by head bartender Kerry Rivers, the Plumtini has become a big seller since it was initially tested as a special in May. “I just put one at the bar, and as soon as everybody saw it, they immediately wanted to try it,” says co-owner Francis Broadbery.

The deep purple plum color and the fresh, chunky berries make the Plumtini fruity and fun. At first, the name, which is tied to the restaurant and the island, is the initial draw, but once people try the drink, they are hooked, says Broadbery.

The drink also works well with many items on the menu, so don’t limit your palate. Whether you are in the bar taking in the scenery or inside the restaurant eating dinner, the Plumtini is a refreshing end to any hot summer day. 2 Plum Island Turnpike, Newbury, 978-463-2290, -Anna Perrochi

Plumtini Recipe

Serves 1

2     tbsp. mixed berries

6     oz. blueberry vodka

1/2  oz. Blue Curacao

1/2  oz. sour mix

splash simple syrup

splash plum puree or juice

Mix all ingredients well in a martini shaker and serve in 10-oz. martini glass.

Photograph by Anthony Tieuli