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Simple Steps to Dewy and Divine Skin by Amy Brackman

As we flip the calendar to the month of January, the change of season coupled with the flip of the heat switch presents challenges to keep skin hydrated. Looking to nurture your skin and get a glow this winter? Remember these simple skin solutions:

  • Cleanse – Always begin and end the day with a clean face. Whether you are treating your skin to a sumptuous serum treatment before applying moisturizer and make up or layering your nighttime serums and creams, you must begin with pure skin.
  • Exfoliate – Dead skin is not in. Make sure to exfoliate a couple of times each week to remove dead skin. Layering products on dead skin makes no sense as they will not penetrate and are merely superficial.
  • Tone – Refreshing your skin with a nice toner helps maintain its ph balance as well as providing an extra layer of protection and helps keep your skin moisturized.
  • Hydrate – Now that the heat is turned up and the winds are kicking in, it is more important to make sure you are not only using serums, balms, and moisturizers, but also drinking more water. Hydrating improves hyaluronic acid, which gives your skin an added boost.
  • Protect – Yes, the sun is higher in the sky and you are not spending endless hours outdoors, but it is still essential to protect your skin from the sun. A great way to easily protect yourself is with a moisturizer that already has SPF protection built it.

Before and After, the importance of hydrating this winter season.


Amy Brackman is a make up artist, beauty expert, and founder/owner of LuxeBeautiQue beauty and cosmetics bar and full-service spa in Swamspcott.