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The Trustees of Reservations  has  received official site developer designation from  Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport)  to transform  the  3.6-acre pier in East Boston  adjacent to Piers Park and Piers Park II into a signature waterfront destination, Piers Park III.

Today’s  announcement follows several months of collaboration  with Massport  under an RFP and site assessment process, and a July 16 vote from its Board of Directors.   The Trustees  has  hired  world-renowned landscape  architect  Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc.  (MVVA)  to  lead  the  park design  process.  

The Trustees  Boston Waterfront Initiative,  One Waterfront,  began  meeting with neighborhood associations and community groups  this fall, with outreach continuing  throughout  the project.

“With the naming of the landscape architect, East Boston’s newest park is one step closer,” said Massport CEO Lisa Wieland. “The  collaboration between The Trustees, Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. and the East Boston  Pier PAC  (Project Advisory Committee) on a design will benefit the entire community and we look forward to this next phase of the project.”

Today,  the  Piers Park III  parcel  sits  on an abandoned pier  adjacent to  Piers Park and  Piers Park II—a site  currently in the design phase with Massport and the  Piers PAC.  Piers Park,  6.5  acres of green space,  opened to the public in 1995.  The Trustees  will draw on more than a century of expertise in public open space management to deliver an iconic new park for all to enjoy.

Celebrating and complementing existing planned parks, Piers Park III  can  take full advantage of its unique East Boston location, providing the community and park visitors with a stunning experience of the New England coastline and new green infrastructure that will contribute to the protection of this vulnerable waterfront.

Not representative of a final design (courtesy, MVVA).

“We are thrilled to be working with the Trustees and Massport to develop a resilient waterfront park in East Boston,” says  Michael Van Valkenburgh, founder and Partner at  Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates. “Our hope is to create a public landscape that offers all of Boston—and especially  people in  East Boston—a rugged spit of land with soft watery edges that jut into the harbor, allowing everyone to feel the sea.”

“Today,  as we work to carry on and expand  upon  our  legacy  and our Boston roots, we approach another critical turning point  for  the city,” says Nick Black, managing director of the Boston Waterfront Initiative. “Booming  development  pushes  ever outward toward the  harbor  while the effects of  climate change  inundate our shores, and  what  little remains as open and green space  is  under threat of disappearing forever.”

“ One Waterfront will build on the strides made by our City since those early days and move closer to achieving  Boston’s centuries-long ambition: To be the world class city on a hill—and one that will be here for many more hundreds of years.”

Building on the  community conversations  underway,  additional  public input sessions  will include virtual  neighborhood  meetings, online feedback  opportunities,  and virtual public workshops, to ensure that any park designs are equitable, accessible, and align with current needs and neighborhood concerns.   The Waterfront Ambassadors, the Boston Waterfront Initiative’s youth employment program for local teens, will also be engaged in this work beginning next year.

To follow the park progress  and sign up for updates  or to  send feedback, visit