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Hyundai has released their Super Bowl LIV commercial, airing this Sunday evening. The ad stars David Ortiz along with Boston-area native celebrities Chris Evans, John Krasinski, and SNL’s Rachel Dratch, all employing humorously exaggerated Boston accents. 

In the ad, embedded below, the three celebs stand on a sidewalk in a Back Bay-looking neighborhood while Krasinski’s character shows off his new Hyundai’s “Smaht Pahk” feature. The car remotely pulls into the “wicked hahd” parking space, after Krasinski hits the “clickah.”

North Shore towns Saugus and Swampscott received a shout out when the trio starts naming Massachusetts towns where they’ve parked the Sonata. 

The commercial’s director, Brian Buckley, hails from Swampscott, according to WickedLocal. Buckley has directed over 50 Super Bowl commercials.

According to Fox, a thirty-second commercial slot for this year’s big game goes for $5 million to $5.6 million—and this Hyundai commercial is sixty seconds, putting the estimated cost upwards of $10 million.