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Walk into any liquor store or bar and the array of vodkas on offer is downright dizzying. Products from the United States, France, and Russia, the birthplace of the spirit, line the shelves. But North Shore insiders, including those at the Best of the North Shore event this summer, know a secret—that England is also producing carefully crafted vodka. Great Britain actually has a deep history of alcohol production. Back as far as 1689, King William III actively encouraged the distillation of English spirits. These days, the country is well known for gin, but with vodka returning to the spotlight after a few years of being overshadowed by brown spirits, Tenure England Vodka is gaining some notice. Introduced just last year in Massachusetts, Tenure takes full advantage of England’s long history, hailing from a distillery established when residents of the Bay State were still British subjects. It’s not just the distillery that owes a debt to history. From start to finish,  the company is dedicated to traditional skills, says Kristy Crane, senior marketing director at Tenure’s parent company, Sazerac. Tenure uses exclusively non-GMO grains grown in England for each batch, blended with mineral-rich water before distillation in classic copper pot stills. The copper pot method is a unique treatment for vodka these days. Distillation varies for each batch, Crane says, and may be repeated up to 100 times to achieve the desired taste profile. That’s especially important, she continues, because a big trend across spirit categories right now is that consumers are becoming more sophisticated in both their knowledge and their palates. Slightly floral and soft, with a tiny touch of sweetness at the finish, Tenure adds a subtle flair to cocktails. For holiday parties, Crane suggests batching drinks in a pretty container, so guests can serve themselves. As vodka and cranberry juice is a classic pairing, try Tenure England’s Holiday Punch. Bringing cranberries into the mix celebrates New England as well as the Old Country. Cranberries are one of only three fruits native to North America, and they ripen right around the holidays. Fresh cranberries make a lovely garnish—and garnishes are what will bring your party to the next level, Crane says. Tenure England Holiday Punch Serves 8 Ingredients 4 cups Cranberry juice 2 cups Tenure England Vodka 2 cups Lemonade 2 cups Ginger ale ⊲ Mint leaves ⊲ Fresh cranberries Directions 1. Mix all liquid ingredients in a large pitcher or punch bowl (you’ll need about a three-quart or larger). 2. Serve over ice, garnished with fresh mint and cranberries.