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It is no secret that yoga and wellness are big business on the fitness scene, and the reasons why are clear. Many of us are seeking out ways to recharge, relax, and keep our minds and bodies as healthy and as strong as they can be. While an abundance of places to practice can be a great thing, it can also make it challenging to find the studio that is a practice-perfect fit for you.  

At Lotus Yoga & Mindfulness in Georgetown, co-owners Rae Maglio and Meredith Conte created the studio with specific goals in mind. Offering a variety of yoga classes in a nurturing and welcoming environment was a big priority. Equally as important was their desire to create a transformative place where all clients were offered the opportunity to really relax and lean into the practice of yoga and all it has to offer. 

Both Maglio and Conte realized early on that coming into a new space, and trying out a new hobby, whatever it might be, has the potential to be an intimidating prospect. Which is exactly why they have worked hard to mitigate any apprehension that might come with signing up for that first class. Conte says, “We are trained to make modifications. It’s an area that we are very comfortable in and happy to do. All classes are open for all levels. We have a good mix of classes from beginner to intermediate for a wide range of ages and abilities. Don’t be afraid to attend a class, yoga is really for any age. Even if you attend class and sit in stillness on your mat, that is still a form of yoga.” As Maglio describes it, “What sets us apart as a studio is our attention to mindfulness, we really focus on that aspect in addition to the yoga. We teach our clients what yoga is, it is so much more than poses on a mat.” 

Meredith Conte co-owner of Lotus Yoga & Mindfulness

These sentiments are far from lip service, something that is quite evident upon entrance to the serene space, which is outfitted with soft lighting, tranquil music, and a truly peaceful vibe. “Many people who come in have been moved to the point of tears,” says Conte. “This has really been a healing place for a lot of people. I personally love the energy in this space. Every time I walk in, I feel it.”

The studio first opened in September 2021, and even though opening a business during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has its challenges, Conte and Maglio knew that this studio was needed and had the ability to help people. More than ever, we, as a collective society weathering this pandemic together, often “need somebody to tell us that it’s ok to slow down and just be still,” says Conte. It’s a sentiment echoed by Maglio, who adds that “this studio is an escape. It is like stepping into a different place apart from the busy world outside.”

Georgetown locals might also recognize Maglio as the owner of Lotus Massage and Spa, which is just down the street from Lotus Yoga & Mindfulness. Clients of both establishments have the benefit of seeing Conte (a licensed esthetician) and Maglio (owner and licensed massage therapist) at both locations, which creates another level of comfort and familiarity for clients who patronize both businesses. 

In the near future, the studio is making plans for and looking forward to more community events, including a grief group therapy workshop and more. “Being connected to the community and what people are going through and interested in is very important to us,” says Maglio.    

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