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One private school boosts enrollment by cutting tuition. While private schools throughout eastern Massachusetts are raising tuitions, a small school in Danvers has cut the yearly price tag-for some grades nearly in half. Under Clark School’s “Recession Reality Pricing,” tuition for the lower school (K-8) is now a flat $11,600 instead of $15,700 to $17,900. High School (9-12) tuition costs $10,600, significantly down from last year’s $17,900. “Despite the poor economic climate, every private and parochial school I surveyed in Greater Boston has raised tuition for the coming school year,” says Clark School Headmaster Jeffrey Clark. “We want to do what’s right for families and at the same time, help us grow the student body for the long run.clarkgirl The lower tuition has already paid off, Clark says. The High School has 18 students enrolled for the fall, up from eight a year ago. “Parents are impressed with the quality of a Clark education and are thrilled with our more affordable tuition,” Clark says. “We’ve given them an alternative in the private education market. For some, only the parochial schools were within their financial reach. Now we are.” Founded in 1978, Clark School offers a stimulating, multi-age learning environment for children in kindergarten through 12th grade. Classes are capped at 15 students, allowing teachers to customize each child’s education. Students once considered academically or socially weak in larger classrooms quickly thrive at Clark. Clark students blossom in the non-competitive environment that is as committed to emotional and social growth as it is to academic excellence. Because students are encouraged to take risks and to learn from their errors, they strengthen their self-esteem and develop well-earned maturity. In the High School, Clark’s innovative “Portfolio Curriculum” invites students to investigate potential careers while they strengthen and expand their academic foundation. The Portfolio Curriculum teaches students to critically examine educational requirements, professional training and the probability of success of not one, but several possible career choices. Parents appreciate the time their child spends learning about and preparing for professional career paths even before applying to college. Please visit the lovely Clark School campus anytime. There is no deadline to enroll, but space is limited. See for yourself how Clark instills in its students a quality education along with a deep sense of mutual respect, shared responsibility and cheerful co-operation. Founded: 1878 Enrollment: 91 Tuition: K-8: $11, 600, High School: $10,600 Rolling Admissions Open Classrooms: Thursday October 22, 9-10:30 Thursday November 19, 9-10:30 Thursday January 21, 9-10:30 Open House: Sunday, February 7, 1-3:30 487 Locust Street, Danvers, MA 01923 TEL: 978.777.4699