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The North Shore’s appeal is difficult to argue, with rural countryside, sweeping coastline, and New England charm at every turn. Friendly neighbors, rich culture, and communities full of historical character add to the attraction of setting down roots outside of Boston. But there come times when the lure of distant destinations begins to beckon. When that desire to travel becomes overwhelming and you find yourself looking at airline tickets, is the dream quickly dashed by thoughts of fighting traffic to reach Logan Airport only to face more crowds in the long security lines? There is a better travel solution for those who call the North Shore home.

The Solution

It’s no secret that private flights offer comfort and convenience far beyond that of commercial air travel. Fractional aircraft ownership with the PlaneSense® program makes private travel even easier for those on the North Shore by eliminating the drive to Logan Airport altogether. The large PlaneSense® fleet offers more than 40 state-of-the-art aircraft with remarkable landing and takeoff capabilities, which allows private flyers to access four times as many airports as other programs. This means North Shore fractional share owners are able to fly closer to their home, taking off from Beverly, Bedford, Lowell, Nashua, or even Portsmouth, NH instead of making the trek to Logan. Imagine the ease of only a short drive standing between you and your luxurious private jet. Executive airports like these mean you’ll avoid long lines and crowded terminals, enjoying a quick walk to your aircraft waiting to whisk you away. You’ll spend less time traveling and have more time to spend on that much needed vacation.

The PlaneSense® fractional program serves the United States, Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. 

What is Fractional Aircraft Ownership?

Fractional ownership allows private flyers to enjoy all the benefits of charter flights or whole aircraft ownership without the hassles. Share sizes are customized to fit your flight needs, starting at a 1/16 share, which provides 50 hours of flight annually. All maintenance, scheduling of pilots, and trip scheduling are managed for you as part of your monthly management fee. All costs in the PlaneSense® program are shared up front, so there are no hidden or unexpected fees. You can easily calculate the cost of each flight. 

Unlike charter and jet cards, the PlaneSense® program has no blackout dates, and prices don’t increase during busy travel periods. North Shore PlaneSense® fractional owners enjoy reliability and world class service to all their favorite destinations.

Your Aircraft

The PlaneSense® fleet offers two spacious choices of aircraft—the Pilatus PC-12 turboprop and Pilatus PC-24 jet, each recognized for its craftmanship, efficiency, safety, and comfort. Equally at home on a grass airfield as it is at a metro hub, the PC-12 features executive seating for six and a large climate-controlled cargo space that is accessible during flight. It’s one of the only luxury aircraft its size that can access small, local vacation spots like Block Island and Fisher Island. The PC-24 has a remarkably large cabin, executive seating for eight, and a large interior cargo space also accessible during flight. Its exceptional performance makes it possible to reach destinations not easily accessible by other similarly sized jets, such as small islands in the Bahamas, and remote ski areas in the Rockies.

Corporate Travel Made Easy

For those who fly often for business, fractional ownership is an investment that enhances the work you do. Get to clients faster to close that important deal, visit multiple sites in one day, and get home in time for dinner. The value to the success of your business is measurable. According to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), companies using business aircraft outperform others by 23% in revenue growth. Private flights are a competitive asset that increase the productivity and flexibility of a company. It’s not just a luxury, but an important tool to keep your company competitive.

Caring for Your Most Precious Passengers

The PlaneSense® fractional program has had an uncompromising commitment to safety for more than 25 years. Recognized by the ARGUS Platinum seal for Safety, the PlaneSense® program is known for going above and beyond regulations to provide highly trained pilots flying an expertly maintained fleet. 

Learn more about the PlaneSense® fractional program and why North Shore residents like you have trusted the PlaneSense® program to fly their families, pets, and business colleagues for more than 25 years by visiting Call 866-214-1212 or email for your customized plan today!