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Sometimes, there’s no place like home. But other times, there’s no place like anywhere but home for a much-needed vacation. Jet Linx wants to get you to either place as safely as possible.

The Omaha-based private aviation company aims to give the most personalized journey to its clients—and in the COVID age and post-COVID age, offers the safest possible travel option. Unlike other private jet companies, Jet Linx operates local, private terminals in 19 different cities. These bases operate local planes with local pilots, allowing Jet Linx to personalize every aspect of the travel experience to its clients’ individual needs.

“Over the past 20 years, Jet Linx has become the preeminent private aviation company,” says Chris Frost, Jet Linx Boston’s director of Jet Card sales, “due to our highly personalized approach to private jet travel.”

Their Boston terminal opened in 2018 at Hanscom Field in Bedford, just thirty minutes outside of Boston. This client-only terminal gives you absolute privacy away from the crowds of Logan. The Bedford base also offers convenient, easy parking, and unmatched service from staff who won’t overlook any detail. The private terminal lets you relax in a sleek, comfortable environment, including wifi, a conference room, an executive lounge, and a fully stocked kitchenette.

So you’re away from the bustle of downtown Boston—Jet Linx also offers another safety precaution with BIOPROTECT. The cleaning system from ViaClean Technologies provides long-term antimicrobial protection to the porous and non-porous surfaces to which it’s applied. First, their sanitizer kills all microbes, viruses, and bacteria on the surface. Then, the protectant seals in that sanitation by guarding against microbes for up to 90 days. 

“Recent studies by two Centers of Excellence of the Global Virus Network (GVN) have proven the product’s efficacy against SARS-COV-2 for more than six weeks,” says Frost. This means that COVID-19 transmission is even less likely with Jet Linx, which was the first aviation company to treat its terminals and fleet of over 100 aircraft with BIOPROTECT. They’re also the only aviation company to provide BIOPROTECT hand sanitizer, protecting hands from germs for up to six hours. 

It’s not just BIOPROTECT that sets Jet Linx apart from other private jet companies. They’ve always been dedicated to the highest standards of safety, leading the industry with an ARGUS Platinum Safety Rating, an International Business Aviation Council (IS-BAO) Stage 3 registration, and highly trained pilots. They’ve also been designated the official private aviation company of Forbes Travel Guide.

Though Jet Linx card members fly all over the country and often to Europe and the Caribbean, says Frost, some of their most common destinations out of the Boston base include Bozeman, Montana; Steamboat Springs, Colorado; West Palm Beach and St. Augustine, Florida; Atlanta; Martha’s Vineyard; and Nantucket. For a full lineup of Jet Linx’s Base locations, click here.

In September 2020, Jet Linx launched their Elevated Lifestyle Preferred Hotel Program, a first of its kind program in the aviation industry providing Jet Card members a “true plane-to-pillow experience.” 

“As part of the program, Jet Linx clients receive exclusive benefits and amenities at participating properties around the world, such as preferred rates and complimentary upgrades, among other special accommodations,” explains Frost.

As part of Jet Linx’s commitment to making travel safe, secure, and private, only folks who are part of the Jet Card membership or private aircraft management programs can book flights with Jet Linx. To learn more, visit