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Closet King, Gary Fraser

Gary J. Fraser owner North Shore Closet Co., Salem

What he does: Designs, fabricates, and installs custom closet systems.

Biggest problems that plague his clients’ closets: (1) Wire shelving falling off the wall, “often times in the middle of the night”; (2) Space: “Whether it’s an old home or new construction, there never seems to be enough closet space, especially if the closet has those funky roof lines running through it.”

Easiest fix for a cluttered closet: Make the closet more user friendly. Double hanging (rod over rod) helps increase hanging space and makes room for more shelving, which can be used for sweaters, shoes, etc.

His pet peeve: Light switches inside the closet. “They sometimes have a tendency to limit closet designs.”

How he organizes his own closet: The few things that I hang are not organized at all. All the rest goes in drawers or shelves. Jeans with jeans, shorts with shorts, t-shirts with t-shirts. I’m a guy…it’s simple.

How he got into the field: I used to do a lot of interior house painting. Some of the homes were high-end new construction. The carpenters were told to build it out with shelves and hanging space. I was told to ‘make it look good.’ I knew there had to be a better way. I started my research and the rest, as they say, is history.