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  In 2009, husband and wife duo, Jamie Metsch and Kate Leavy, moved to Salem and made their mark on the downtown community by opening their own card and gift shop, Roost & Company. Together, Metsch and Leavy had many years of experience working in small, independent restaurants and retail shops. The pair learned about the work and personality needed to run a successful “mom and pop” shop and considered starting their own for a long time. As the years passed, the couple not only opened a successful shop of their own, but they also grew their small independent business and recently acquired a total of four shops, two in Salem and two in Beverly. Oak + Moss, the couple’s newest shop, just opened in Salem this past November. When asked about the process of opening Oak + Moss, Jamie Metsch explains how quickly the shop was organized and put together. Metsch stated that there were “a whole lot of long days and waiting for the space to become available. But then once it was, we got the keys on October 1 and were open and ready to go the day after Thanksgiving. We pushed really hard to make sure we were open for the holidays.”     Oak + Moss is located next door to Roost & Company. Roost & Company is a treasure trove of eclectic and unique products which change constantly, creating an everlasting freshness to the shop. “Very quickly Roost took on a life of its own and became what it is now,” Metsch explains. “It’s much more gifts and cards and jewelry; it’s very sweet and very colorful.” Oak + Moss, on the other hand, focuses much more on products for your home: house plants, pots, statement pieces, kitchenware. The two shops share the same atmosphere, are both homey and comforting, but offer slightly different experiences which are best suited side by side. Looking back on their time in Salem, Metsch and Leavy are grateful for the experiences they have shared and the community they have been welcomed into. Metsch comments, “When a space popped up [in 2009], we went for it. And eight years later, it’s certainly morphed and changed a little bit of its style, but it’s been a lot of fun being a part of the community and building into the story of downtown Salem.” With the opening of Oak + Moss, the couple can continue to engage with their beloved community. While Metsch and Leavy’s business has expanded, their connection to the people of Salem has also grown stronger. “Kate and I still like to imagine it being a ‘mom and pop’ shop,” Metsch continues, “we like getting to know the neighbors and people that come in and watching them grow up with us.”     When asked about any future expansion plans, Metsch states, “There’s a little bit more on the horizon.” He and Leavy always enjoy creating new experiences and building a sense of community, which came along with the opening of each of their four shops. We can expect to see a new endeavor from this couple in Beverly this upcoming spring. You can follow Oak + Moss on Facebook and Instagram @shop.oakandmoss to keep up with Metsch and Leavy and their growing business.