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1. Princeton Tec – Sync Headlamp | MSRP: $29.99

The compact, versatile Sync sports 150 lumens, and an innovative dial-control that easily changes settings with a twist of the fingers. This headlamp is the perfect tool for runners to easily adjust the beam with PTEC’s unique dial system. With a max range of 250 feet and a burn time of 150 hours, the Sync’s power dial allows direct access to all of the headlamp’s five modes. The Sync also has a lock mode which cuts down on the light accidentally turning on, conserving battery life. 


2. Chamois Butt’r – GoStik | MSRP: $14.99 (2.5oz)/$2.99 (.15oz)

GoStik is a solid stick lubricant designed to eliminate uncomfortable chafing and skin irritation.  It is excellent for runners, cyclists, triathletes, and swimmers, along with anyone who experiences chafing during athletic or on-the-job activities. GoStik is particularly popular with military and police personnel.  It’s commonly used around clothing neck openings, under arms, between thighs, backs of ankles, balls of feet, or anywhere skin rubs against skin, fabric, leather, rubber, etc.


3. GU Energy Labs – Energy Stroopwafel | MSRP: MSRP $24.00 box/16 (GF option), $22.50 box/16

Created for daily use before and during training and competition, the new GU Energy Stroopwafel delivers all the nutrients needed to power your performance: quality carbohydrates (immediate and long-lasting energy from complex and simple carbohydrates), essential amino acids (prevent mental fatigue and repair muscle damage during long-duration activities), and electrolytes (replenish what’s lost when you sweat). The Stroopwafel is made with a layer of delicious syrup between two thin wafers, and it’s individually packaged to make it portable and easy to take on a ride or run.


4. GU Energy Labs –  Energy Gel | MSRP: $34.80 box/24 

Created for daily training and competition, GU Energy Gel packs energy-dense calories in a portable packet to help sustain energy demands of any duration or activity. The 100-calorie packet contains carbohydrates (maltodextrin and fructose) that use non-competing pathways to help maximize carbohydrate absorption and utilization while diminishing stomach distress. Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, aids in hydration by maintaining water balance. The branched-chain amino acids (leucine, valine, isoleucine) may reduce mental fatigue and decrease muscle damage.


5. Balega – Silver socks | MSRP: $15.00

The new Silver socks are made with Silver ions for lasting antibacterial properties and performance. With its super-charged fit, Balega introduces its most compression-like sock to date, providing stability and control in every stride. This Silver antimicrobial treatment has been encapsulated in Balega’s Drynamix Moisture management yarn to provide an optimum healthy foot environment that’s odor free.


6. Outdoor Research – Gauge Tee™ | MSRP: $59.00 

The Gauge Tee offers true metabolic cooling in hot weather thanks to the new Polartec Delta fabric. Scientific fact: In hot weather, fabrics that stay slightly damp act like a radiator to help cool you down. The trick is managing that moisture in a way that the fabric doesn’t become a soggy mess. Delta fabric combines hydrophilic and hydrophobic yarns to achieve this elusive goal, while also incorporating raised yarns in the areas of the fabric with hydrophobic properties. The cooling effect, meanwhile, is regulated thanks to the hydrophilic yarns, which sit just off the body. Men’s and women’s.


7. Ibex – Pulse Runner Short | MSRP: $85.00 

The lightweight performance Pulse Runner Short is made from a stretch woven blend of 87-percent recycled polyester and 13-percent Spandex with wool mesh panels at the sides of the outer shell. The internal brief is made from a blend of Merino wool and Spandex. Additional features include a 6.5-inch zip lumbar stash pocket; elastic waistband and adjustable drawcord; and reflective piping and logo. (also available in a women’s specific style.) Available online at and also at Ibex’s Boston retail store at 303 Newbury Street.