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Bully Boy Distillers announced its partnership with Charlestown’s Organic Bath Co. to launch Clean Giving, a collaborative hand sanitizer to support local communities and organizations in substantial need due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With the current overwhelming demand for hand sanitizer across the nation, Clean Giving aims to alleviate some of the difficulty communities have finding hand sanitizer while encouraging them to join in giving back.

As part of its “Buy One, Give One” program, for every ounce of hand sanitizer sold, Clean Giving will donate an ounce to a local organization or community member in need.

In this period of uncertainty, Bully Boy Distillers co-founders Will and Dave Willis and Organic Bath Co. founders Gianne Doherty and Jay Weeks see it as an opportunity to give back to the communities who have supported them over the years.

“As two local businesses looking to support the community during this challenging time, the “Buy One, Give One” program is a self-sustaining, long-term way for us to make a difference,” says Will Willis, co-founder of Bully Boy Distillers. “When we were introduced to Gianne and Jay from Organic Bath Co., we instantly knew we had complementary operations—production of the hand sanitizer on our end and packaging and fulfillment on theirs. With the support of those willing to purchase or in need of a donation, we know we can make a long-lasting impact and get through this together.”

“There is power in collaboration,” says Gianne Doherty, co-founder of Organic Bath Co. “Organic Bath Co. is honored to be partnering with Bully Boy Distillers on this initiative and doing what we can to make a positive impact during these unprecedented times.”

Available at $12 for a 4 ounce bottle, Clean Giving is an 80 percent v/v solution. To purchase the hand sanitizer, visit, To follow along and see your donations in action, please follow @CleanGivingCo.

Beginning April 15, local organizations can submit donation requests online. If you are an organization and would like to submit a donation request, please visit


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Founded by husband and wife Jay Weeks and Gianne Doherty in 2014, Organic Bath Co. makes self-care products out of clean ingredients. Since then, the two have become passionate advocates for health, wellness, and accessible, safe skincare. Organic Bath Co. products are award-winning, innovative products used to nourish your skin. For more information, visit