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The idea of having a pair (or two!) of “cocktail sneakers” is one of those concepts that’s so good you immediately wish you’d thought of it yourself. They sure do sound fun, but what exactly are Cocktail Sneakers? They are, as the name implies, a comfortable yet fashionable sneaker you can wear from day to night. Whether that day begins in the office or elsewhere, a pair of Cocktail Sneakers will take you from your morning coffee to your favorite restaurant in comfort and style no matter the season. Everyone involved with Cocktail Sneakers has the privilege of being a part of a dynamic, all-female team led by entrepreneur and founder Susan Hassett, who describes her company as “redefining sneaker culture.” What makes Cocktail Sneakers different from other leisure sneakers? Hassett is glad you asked, because setting Cocktail Sneakers apart from the pack is how she spends her days. After searching for the perfect fashion sneaker that did not resemble a gym shoe (and striking out), Hassett, who prior to this venture had no experience in the footwear industry, decided to take matters into her own hands. “Feminine sensibilities were lacking in the sneaker choices I was seeing,” she explains, and the options she did come across were not exactly what she was looking for. Hassett soon realized she was seeking an elusive blend of style, sophistication, and comfort and resolved to bring what she was envisioning to life. Hassett, herself a Marblehead resident, works with a Brooklyn-based all-women team and with a female branding team out of Boston to help tell the Cocktail Sneakers story. “This is an amazing time to be leading an all-women company,” says Hassett, who describes the group as excited to be working on something where they have the opportunity to create and shape a brand from the ground up. First and foremost, each sneaker style in the collection has a “feminine and sophisticated shape” complete with “a thin sole and almond-shaped toe that allows for a more feminine style,” explains Hassett. These features help create a stylish, feminine sneaker without sacrificing comfort. Each shoe has a deeper heel cup with shock absorption and eco-friendly cork inserts, allowing everyone to achieve the perfect fit. An added bonus to all of the styles is the height “on the inside,” says Hassett, who describes the sneakers as providing a “slight rise in height while still being very comfortable.” The current line includes four styles. There’s the Outsider, a calfskin leather sneaker designed in an ankle boot style. Featuring an ankle strap and metallic detailing, this style is available in blush and black. The Weekender is a pinhole suede sneaker with a topstitched calfskin toecap and a traditional lace-up-front style that comes in red or black. Next up is the Professional, which comes in patent leather—black or navy—and is a slip-on sneaker featuring a similar leather toecap and piping to the Weekender style. Last, the Occasion is a modern slip-on with breathable white lace and calfskin leather detailing, the perfect sneaker for brides looking to slip into something more comfortable as they hit the dance floor on their big day. Cocktail Sneakers can be found online, at a number of local shops in the Boston area, and at select trunk shows. Hassett and her team have new designs in the works that will join the Cocktail Sneakers lineup in the new year. Until then, any one of their current styles should help you travel through this busy time of year with your holiday cheer firmly intact.