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Jody Cohen shines star-studded lips with Cosmoholic Cosmetics.

Swampscott native Jody Cohen always believed anything was possible. Her natural drive, coupled with faithful encouragement from her makeup artist mother and entrepreneur father, helped Cohen turn her copious dreams into a reality. Today, at the ripe age of 28, Cohen shines in the spotlight with Cosmoholic Cosmetics, the two-year-old, Ipswich-based company she conceptualized while working as a style consultant in New York City.

It’s hard to tell which is more of a sensation-Cohen, the sophisticated proprietor with a winning personality, or the hot-selling, multi-purpose liquid lipsticks she concocted. Celebs like Blake Lively and Lady Gaga are Cosmoholic girls, and this year, Cohen was listed among Boston’s top 10 most eligible bachelorettes. Needless to say, this savvy CEO has a lot to celebrate.

Cohen’s business idea stemmed from what she saw as a need for a three-in-one liquid lipstick. She wanted something sheer but not sticky, with lots of color and a built-in repair kit. Crafted by a chemist, the repair kit has Vitamin E, Vitamin C for lip protection, and no fragrance-just a vanilla flavor and macadamia nut oil for extra moisture. The result? “A true multi-purpose, affordable, and convenient liquid lipstick,” says Cohen.

Cosmoholics is now available in 150 specialty stores across the US (23 in Massachusetts alone), Canada, and Kuwait. For $20, Cosmoholics offers seven unique colors. Whatever your passion, Prudish Pink or Rockstar Red-Cosmoholic lipsticks will have you addicted. -Leslie Martini