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A fashionable discussion with designer Daniela Corte

I recently spoke with nationally known fashion designer Daniela Corte who offered tips about the “must haves” and trends for this time of year.

According to Daniela, there are three fashion staples every woman should have in their closets in order to survive late summer: A versatile trench coat, a printed wrap dress, and a great pair of high leather boots.

To accessorize these pieces, Daniela lives by the motto “less is more.” If you wear earrings, skip the necklaces. With wrap dresses, Daniela sometimes adds a big chunky belt and some high leather boots and focuses on an oversized bag.

Many women try to stay current by trying to replicate what they see in magazines. Daniela advises women who do this to invest in the long term and to think about what items they will be able to use next season. She also emphasizes the importance of wearing what works for your body type. If the fit is right, the look will flow. It will be elegant and that will make it timeless. Women should see their clothes as an investment in the future. Build a wardrobe that fits, that accentuates your best features, and that can be worn in your everyday life.

Looking forward to next season, Daniela says that the “must have” articles are an oversized bag, a bubble skirt, and a pair of leggings. Also, don’t forget to look for an embellished tight knit sweater, any coat or jacket in a warm brown or bronze color, a silk blouse in a deep purple, and the thick high waist belt.

When choosing clothes, I always keep the occasion foremost in my mind and then I put my own personal twist on the ensemble to set myself apart from someone else who may be dressed in the same style. Don’t be afraid to do your own thing- That’s what makes getting dressed fun!

No matter what you choose, remember my motto: You wear the clothes. Don’t let them wear you.

All of the women’s fashion tips and trends discussed can be found at Recommended fashions can be found at J. Crew (210 Andover Street, Peabody), and glee (29 West Street, Beverly Farms). Andover resident Krystal Hatchett has been a professional fashion model, vocalist, and admitted “clothes junkie” for 14 years. For more information, go to