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It is (hopefully!) not news to anyone that prolonged, repeated exposure to the sun or that hopping into a tanning bed is not great for a myriad of reasons. From overexposure to harmful rays to sun damaged skin, more people are choosing to stay away. But many of those same people (myself included!) still want to be tan (especially during the summer) but between life and busy schedules, it can be hard to make it to the salon. So why not let the salon come to you?

Enter Pure Sol Organic Mobile Spray Tanning, a mobile, (yes, you read that correctly!) North Shore-based spray tan service.



With bronzing specialists in Newburyport, Methuen, Stoneham, and Southern New Hampshire, clients all over the North Shore can schedule appointments at one of their on-site locations or opt to have a specialist travel to them.

Owner Sarah Growitz and her team bring it all, from a pop-up tent to disposable undergarments and hairnets. On site, specialists can “customize the color and level to each person’s skin tone” ensuring a perfect “sun kissed look” that is never orange, explains Growitz.

Spray tan veterans will immediately recognize the convenience of scheduling a spray tan from a company that offers this in-home option. Newbies will be glad to learn about the ease of having someone visit your home, where you don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot, getting re-dressed or rushing out of the salon.

The Pure Sol team uses Aviva products, which check all the major boxes you’d want for something being applied to your skin. Their solutions are organic, non-comedogenic, water based, alcohol and oil free, fast drying, vegan, and not tested on animals. Additionally, they are nut and allergen free and free of fragrance, which eliminates the “spray tan smell” some experienced spray tanners might recognize. The sunless tan is achieved by an active ingredient in the solution called Dihydroxyacetone, which has been approved by the FDA specifically for sunless tanning. Aviva products won’t stain clothing or sheets—no small footnote when it comes to spray tanning—as clients are advised to wait eight hours before showering to ensure the life of the tan. Growitz and her team still recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing post tan.



A spray tan will typically last about a week before skin naturally begins to exfoliate. To maximize the life of your tan, Growitz advises clients to follow several steps. First, the solution must be applied to exfoliated, clean skin, free of all perfume, deodorant, oil, or lotion. If you’re tanning for a special event and are also planning to get a manicure or pedicure, do this prior to tanning. All waxing or shaving must be taken care of beforehand. After the spray tan, you will avoid water for eight hours and when you do shower, you’ll want to gently pat skin dry and apply moisturizer, avoiding products containing Retin-A or any other products with harsh chemicals that could strip the tan or make it patchy.

Growitz and her team have a roster of regular clients, as well as people who see them for big events like weddings, upcoming vacations, bachelorette parties, and prom season.

Aside from being an alternative to sun worshipping, Growitz loves to see the confidence boost a spray tan can provide. The mobile option has proven especially re-assuring for first time tanners who have questions about color or how much or how little to wear (whatever you are comfortable with, says Growitz!).