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Long-awaited renovation to Peabody shopping complex ushers in $149 t-shirts, vegan shampoo, and gluten-free Chinese.

By Erin Pettus

Lush at the Northshore Mall.

With the recent celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Northshore Mall in Peabody embarked on a year-long journey to rejuvenate its existing stores and to introduce new retailers. The project is set to conclude this spring with the opening of a new two-level Nordstrom. When the dust settles, the mall will have added over twenty-five new retailers to their directory and a whole new world for shoppers on the North Shore to explore.

“Northshore Mall is the gateway to the North Shore and our expansion makes it even more of a destination than it already was,” says Northshore Mall General Manager Mark Whiting.

Some of the new retailers will appeal to an upscale clientele such as Zara, owned by Spanish tycoon Amancio Ortega, and Metropark which sells, for example, an Ed Hardy t-shirt for  $149. Also new to the mall are cosmetic retailers Bare Essentials and Lush, an all-organic product shop. Looking for a vegan shampoo? Lush sells it at a mere $25.95 for 16 ounces.

But with the addition of these high-end retailers, will local residents continue to shop there? “The expansions to Northshore Mall are designed for long-term success,” explains Whiting. “Northshore Mall serves a diverse consumer base. Now, more than ever, we can offer a wide selection of quality merchandise for every budget.” Not in the mood for a $149 shirt? Head over to H&M which opened its doors in the fall or check out the area’s first two-level Forever 21 coming this spring.

The renovation also brings with it new energy-efficient lighting, additions to the food court and bathrooms, interior and exterior landscaping, new signage, and additional parking spaces. Add to that list PF Chang’s China Bistro-which seats over 250 people and offers a gluten-free menu-a new children’s play area, and new mall entrances with brick walkways and you’ve got the makings for a big day of shopping on the North Shore.