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If the bride’s not wearing white, it’s not what you think. By Stacey Marcus
Wedding cake from Eat Cake!
Once upon a time, adding color to a bridal gown might have generated some heated gossip in the reception hall powder room, but today’s brides are coloring outside the lines of tradition and adding their favorite hues to table linens, wedding favors, the wedding cake, and even the bridal gown. “Brides traditionally have used creamy tones to create an ethereal effect,” says event planner Janie Haas of North Andover. “Today, I see brides shooting for strong colors that are woven throughout the events. Jewel tones, plums, and terracotta are quite popular.” Hilary Larson of Eat Cake! in Newburyport says color is now in high-demand. “Instead of the cake being mostly white or ivory with accents in their wedding color, it’s quite the opposite.” Larson says that traditions and obligatory themes are not as popular as themes and style choices that best represent the personalities of the couple. She notes a recent client, a fashion model, who wanted her cake to be entirely red with monochromatic designs. “It turned out beautiful and certainly made a bold statement,” she says. Donna Fucaloro of Pepperberry’s Flowers in Byfield sees the trend of bright colors, including lime greens and purples, popping up in floral design as well. “Many brides are adding embellishments, like Swarovski crystals, rhinestones, or pearls in their bouquets. I see a lot of brides adding their theme color by weaving a ribbon through the bouquet,” says Fucaloro. While strong colors are popular in many wedding elements, the color trend is more subtle when it comes to the dress. “Many of the popular designs give a classic gown some contemporary flair by adding things like an aqua sash or amethyst embroidery-a splash of color that brides can carry through as a theme for the wedding.” says Jeanne Hennessey of Lorraine Roy in Danvers. And what about the bridesmaids? Brides are selecting a specific color for the shoes but allowing the bridesmaid to choose their own style and construction. “Purple is big along with gray and metallic,” according to Gary Webber of Shoe Galley in Swampscott. Finally, what would a wedding be without luscious, colorful lips to kiss? Andrea Ducharme of Rouge Cosmetics in Salem says it’s all about the 1930s glamour. “Think Jean Harlow-a deep, vampy red lip, some false lashes, and perfect skin or even a bright pop of color on the lip, like a bright fuchsia or peachy pink, and some sheer gold eye shadow,” she says. “This look is very sophisticated and would perfectly compliment a simple column gown that has a lot of embellishment.”