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Jason Revilla with his Faith & Fortune tees

A local designer promotes awareness through fashion. By Brianna Lapolla

Fashion has long served as a form of self-expression, but for Jason Revilla, it’s his voice. Since 2009, Revilla, creator of Faith & Fortune, has been outfitting men and women with unique, limited-edition designs that are as much about helping others as they are appearance.

Upon choosing to pursue  a career in fashion design, the Faith & Fortune founder had just one prerequisite: His label would have to be about more than just looks. “I wanted to build a brand that cares as much about its immediate community as it does about its product,” says Revilla. “Faith & Fortune was inspired by a desire to combine these attributes in an industry that’s often self-consuming or about self-promotion.”

The label’s early days as a pop-up shop in Beverly were spent giving back to Beverly Bootstraps Community Services. Since then, Revilla has contributed to local and national organizations that help kids in crisis. Design and quality are not sacrificed in Revilla’s benevolent ventures, however. The ultra-soft statement pieces are effortlessly cool and easily compete with other high-quality brands that are sold in the same boutiques, like Habit Shop in Boston, Art Under Pressure in Washington, D.C, Salaam in Vermont, and online at

Moving forward,  “I want the brand to become competitive in the sense that people want to know what it’s doing each season, how we are adding our unique twist, and, most importantly, how it’s using its influence to inspire community involvement through social initiatives,” says Revilla. “The more we grow, the more good we’ll be able to do.”