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In celebration of all that is sexy in the suburbs, Northshore Magazine took part in sponsoring the showcase event, Fabulous in Full Force, in June. Along with featured guests, music, cocktails and vendors from the North Shore, a contest was held for a lucky contestant to win a full makeover including hair and makeup at Andrew Michaels Spa and Salon, a facial at BodiScience, teeth whitening at The Center for Exceptional Dentistry, and a new outfit from Glee.

Nicole Addonizio-Russell, of Wakefield, was an ideal makeover candidate: a young mother with a generous smile and a full-time job as tax manager at Fidelity, who lacked the time to look beautiful. Three kids, all aged four and under, and work kept her in casual wear all the time. “I never get dressed up anymore unless it’s a special occasion,” said Nicole. “I used to take the time to do my makeup, hair and dress fashionable, but now I don’t really have the time.” So, the In Full Force crew took Nicole under their wing and transformed her back into the sexy lady she once was.

The Hair and Makeup

Nicole’s first stop was at Andrew Michaels Spa and Salon, where she had her makeup done and her hair cut, colored and styled. Master stylist Julie Lynskey gave Nicole both a highlight and a lowlight with a darker auburn color to make the color pop. To protect her new color from fading in the sun, Nicole had a high gloss color glaze as well. Ester Giannopoulus did her makeup, using lots of gold, brown and a touch of pink on her eyes to brighten them, followed by a brown smoky liner. Ester applied concealer to hide Nicole’s late nights with her 5-month old baby and finished up with a pink gloss for her lips. All makeup was from Salem’s Debra Macki’s line.

The Glowing Skin

Next, Nicole was taken to BodiScience in Beverly to meet with owner Dawn Tardiff. Dawn gave Nicole a skin  consultation, as well as the Energetic Facial Kur. The Energetic Facial Kur is a treatment in which the body’s energetic rhythms are balanced so that your skin glows with the secrets of inner balance. Color is introduced to your body from acupuncture points and balancing of your chakras.

The Smile

With a new haircut and beautiful skin, Nicole headed to The Center for Exceptional Dentistry. Dr. Benjamin Polan improved her already pretty smile with ZOOM! Whitening. With her makeover almost complete, all Nicole had left to do was pick out an outfit.

The Outfit

Two fashion consultants, Carolyn and Jaime, gave Nicole one-on-one attention at Glee in Beverly Farms. After trying on several outfits, Nicole found what she was looking for:  a romantic lace camisole paired with a blazer to give Nicole a sexy look that could be dressed up or dressed down. The outfit was finalized with a slimming pair of jeans.

Nicole After

“I feel fabulous! I love the makeover. I love everything from my new low maintenance hair style to my healthy looking skin and white teeth.

I’ve worn the Glee outfit a number of times. The custom fit jeans are a favorite, my husband says I live in them. They are so comfortable but still make me look sexy when I pair them with high heels.”