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We hear so many stories about people who we look at with reverence and admiration that they are the epitome of health. Maybe they are eating a vegan diet and they run 3 to 5 times a week and they look great, and then we hear they suddenly have had a fatal heart attack. We think to ourselves, goodness what did they not do, or like many other people, we sarcastically think to ourselvesÂ…well that is another reason for me not to eat healthy or exercise. By Dawn Tardif

There are many factors that play an intricate part to our wellness and while these two components are important, we also need to realize that there are many other factors. I will mention two for us to think about today. One is emotions, how we handle our emotions, this is detrimental to our well being, and the other is quieting our mind. You may know someone who you may see that their mind is constantly “on” or you may know someone that they tell you they are okay and that they are not angry about a situation, but you can see it, you can feel it when you are around them, they still are holding onto disappointment or being misled or worse yet being betrayed. These two areas of our lives, are an area where we have not been schooled as to how to take care of what we are feeling , nor have we been taught how to quiet our mind.

Just for a moment, I would like you to stop reading, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take a deep breath deep down into your belly, feel your belly rise, feel the air fill your lungs and feel your belly rise as if you are filing up empty space within your body. As you exhale slowly, allow your breath to gently pass through your lips feeling the warmth of the air being exhaled. Take a moment and repeat three times.

Today take time to write down how you have been feeling. Just three sentences, what you feel in your heart that you may need to mend to feel light, joyful and filled with peace. Be honest with yourself. There is no judgment, now one is going to read it, just you.

NowÂ…just for today, carry this thought with you, I move through my day with grace and ease feeling peace-filled. And let me knowÂ…how you are feeling.