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Recently, the foursome that is Don’t Call Me Shirley—Kevin O’Rourke, Ron Chane, Matt Beard, and Mark Luchini—rocked Cruiseport’s Beauport Princess at our September issue launch party. So much fun was had by all, that we decided to catch up with the band to learn a little more about them.


What was the first song you played as a group?

In our current four-piece incarnation, it was “My Sharona.”

How do you choose the music you play?

This is the most difficult part of being in a cover band, but basically we have two prerequisites: The songs we perform must be instantly recognizable and have the ability to get people up on the dance floor. We gauge peoples’ reactions to a song, and give it two or three tries before we finally decide on whether the song sticks or not. The key is to find a song that not only excites a crowd, but also keeps us entertained. Bottom line: If the crowd gets into it, so do we.

Do you write/play any original music?

No, but we have plans to. Do you know any good songwriters?

How often are you able to play out?

We average a little over one gig a week, or 60 gigs a year.

What are your day jobs?

Software supporter, building construction estimator, mechanical engineer, and medical supplier. 

How would you describe the audiences who appreciate your music?

Simply the best! They are so devoted and some literally will show up to every gig, some always show up when we’re in their town, and some whenever they can. The people who follow us are such fun-loving people, and constantly show their appreciation for us. We are so appreciative of the support we have received from these folks. They truly are the best.

What makes your group unique?

We are known for our “wicked fun” energy that is truly infectious, and also for our mash-ups, which combine hook-lines/choruses from various pop songs into one song.

Which bands/musicians do you most admire?

There are too many to even start naming, but we would have to say they are mostly grounded in 70s and 80s rock, kind of our “coming of age” music. 

How would you describe your sound?

Uptempo and fluid.

What is the best thing about being in the band?

Feeling the response and love from the crowd.

What’s your favorite North Shore venue?

Michael’s Harborside, The Grog, Surfside, and Capone’s are all favorites of ours. They always have great crowds who appreciate what we do.

Do you do weddings?

Yes, we play weddings, but we are not a wedding band. We always say, ‘Come out and see us first.’ What you see is what you get…no electric slide or chicken dance, just a guaranteed great time on the dance floor.