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First-Names Films has announced that its latest feature film, Mass Hysteria, will begin production this summer in Massachusetts. A comedy-thriller, Mass Hysteria highlights Salem’s unique position as a vibrant, modern community steeped in history. Set over the course of Halloween Eve, the films centers around a group of historical re-enactors who are falsely accused of witchcraft. “We love the juxtaposition of Salem’s rich, historical past colliding with the reality of today’s Salem through the conduit of the millions of visitors to the city each year,” states Jeffrey Ryan, the film’s co-director and producer.


Matt Perusse and co-director/producer Jeffrey Ryan


Co-directed and produced by Arielle Cimino, Mass Hysteria is being is co-produced by First-Names Films’ Jonathan Coleman (YouthMin), Dave Schachter (Homemakers), and Matt Perusse (YouthMin). The cast has yet to be disclosed, but according to Ryan, the production will involve “a variety of stars and locals.” The film is set to begin production on the North Shore as early as mid-July and wrap by mid-August.

YouthMin, First-Names’ last feature film, was produced in nearby Beverly, using primarily local talent and crew. After receiving the Independent Film Festival of Boston’s Audience Award, YouthMin is currently touring the country at a variety of festivals and will hold its New York premiere later this Spring. With Mass Hysteria, the producing team aims to once again involve the town in the production of the Halloween-set comedy/thriller. Currently in pre-production, the production team is seeking both community involvement and corporate sponsorship. For more information, visit their website at