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Nothing left in your Netflix queue after months in quarantine? Salem Film Fest has good news—the event, which was slated to be held in March just as stay-at-home orders were issued—is going virtual starting July 10. The three-week online event features more than 80 documentary features and short films from local and international filmmakers alike, available on-demand through Eventive.

This year’s festival includes timely content like Women in Blue, a film about Minneapolis’ first female police chief and her mission to reform the department years prior to the tragic death of George Floyd. SFF is also screening Retrospective: Black in America, films from prior years that spotlight struggles of Black Americans in the U.S. All proceeds from retrospective ticket sales will be donated to individuals and organizations that combat racism and create opportunities for minorities in the arts. 

“In these challenging times, we are proud to offer a diverse slate of programming that both celebrates and challenges our notion of the world around us,” said Jeff Schmidt, Salem Film Fest Program Director. “COVID-19 has been a disruptive force to this year’s Salem Film Fest, but it has also offered an opportunity for introspection and reflection.”