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The Last Poker Game, a new film written and directed by Howard Weiner, is shooting in Newburyport. Producer Marshall Johnson teams up with Academy Award-winner Martin Landau and Paul Sorvino for five weeks of shooting the feature-length film.

Today, we found the cast and 20th Century Fox crew setting up at The Grog!

The storyline of the Long Road Films production follows two elderly men, a Jewish doctor and an Italian gambler and womanizer, who strike up an unusual friendship and come to terms with their lives while in an assisted living residence—Newburyport’s own Avita. While the majority of the movie will be shot in and around Avita, Johnson and the crew have also been exploring other locales within the city limits.

Of his choice of Newburyport as the setting, he is reported to have said: “When we came here scouting, I passed Bob Lobster and said, ‘Oh my God. This is the place!’”