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Editors’ Choice

Salem Arts festival, Salem

Standout Qualities: For three days each June, this free family-friendly festival transforms Salem’s downtown into an opportunity for the arts community to showcase their talents. The festival, which celebrates art in all its forms, including painting, photography, sculpture, installation, dance, music, writing, film, new media, performance, theatre, poetry, culinary and visual arts, and more, is organized and planned by Salem Main Streets and many members of the community volunteering their time.

Fun Fact: For the fourth year, the festival organized a community art project to be installed during the festival. The Tidal Shift project aims to provide information on the impact of plastic bags on marine life and biodiversity on our local shores as we transition from single-use plastic to reusable bags. The Salem Watershed community created and installed artful jellyfish from used plastic bags on Front Street. 

Downtown Salem,


Readers’ Choice 

Salem Arts Festival, Salem