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Offering a mix of cardio and boxing and the opportunity to burn up to 1,000 calories in a single class, TITLE Boxing Club is expanding with a new location in Salem’s Vinnin Square, set to open by the end of May. Currently, TITLE has multiple North Shore locations, including Burlington, Danvers, North Andover, Saugus, and Woburn, as well as locations in Littleton, Somerville, and on Boston’s Newbury Street. “Boxing provides everything about a great workout with the addition of skill-based learning,” says Kenneth Greer, brand ambassador of product and experience, TBC International, LLC, and a trainer at TITLE’s Danvers location. In other words, boxing is taking over (hey, the Victoria’s Secret models are doing it!) as a top workout, even replacing those uber-popular indoor cycling (AKA spin) classes. According to such sites as and SELF, 2016 was the year of boxing and it hasn’t slowed down. Skip the addictive social media and find out where the nearest boxing gym is to you. Classes just keep gaining in popularity and there are many different kinds—from boxing clubs where you’ll train alongside pro and amateur fighters to clubs like TITLE, which offers a no-combat (meaning you won’t be sparring with another person), authentic full-body workout where it’s just you versus the 100-pound heavy bag that “changes your body, clears, your mind, and completely engages your spirit.” “The world now knows that there are no secrets to success, just good, old hard work. And boxing is all of that,” says Greer, adding that the fitness industry has seen many fads come and go throughout the years, but boxing is not one of them. “The sport as fitness has become popular because it’s real. It’s not sugar coated, it’s not made up; it’s just the best most raw, real way to work out.” TITLE’s signature Power Hour consists of a 15-minute warm up; eight three-minute rounds of jab, cross, hook, and uppercut combinations; and a 15-minute core and cool down session, where you will be led through a strengthening and toning abdominal workout. You will leave the class inspired and focused, as boxing is a workout for your mind just as much as it is for your body. There is also a 75-minute class with 12 eight-minute rounds available, if you’re really feeling inspired. When heading to a class at TITLE, Greer says to, “expect fun!” “The workout is amazing, the club, the product, and the locations are great. But we are fun! Members are part of the club and are rewarded for it daily, whether it’s through a great workout, stress relief after a rough day, or hanging with friends at the club, or just getting that smile out; we are here for you. We work hard and play hard and involve everyone. Best piece of advice I can offer—just walk through the door. Boxing seems scary, but it is so much like life—come in and fight for what you want, we will be in your corner the whole way,” says Greer, adding that TITLE Boxing Club, like the name implies, is a “true club.” “Our members are not just another number, they are family,” Greer says. “And this is a fact that you will need to come experience. We believe that our workout not only gets you where you need to be physically, but mentally as well. We have lots of charity events in which we support our members and their families; we participate in everything we can be a part of in local communities, and we are a safe-haven for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in fitness, who hates running on a treadmill, who wants a chance.” So, whatever your reason for joining—getting out some aggression, losing weight, managing anxiety, meeting new friends, empowering yourself—wrap up those hands, get those gloves on, and start punching your way to a healthier you!