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Windover Construction, an award-winning construction management firm building spaces that create positive and memorable experiences, recently launched its new career development initiative, the Construction Management Apprenticeship Program (CMAP). The unique two-year training program offers protégés the opportunity to work alongside Windover’s team of experienced professionals to prepare for a career in construction management.

“At Windover, we are all about empowering people. With ‘apprenticeship’ at its core, this program offers an exciting opportunity for newly graduated students and existing employees to round out their construction management knowledge,” says Hannah Ginley, chief people officer at Windover Construction. “With any specialized industry, there’s a seasoned workforce with expert knowledge and unique skills that have yet to be passed along. Construction wisdom takes many, many years to hone and if specialized knowledge can somehow be imparted to others, the industry itself will be all the better.”

CMAP employees receive mentoring, coaching, and supervision from experienced professionals while learning and rotating through the three major components of construction management: Estimating, Field Supervision, and Project Management. The well-rounded, intensive, on-the-job training positions them well for a bright future in construction management. In addition, this program produces new construction professionals who can readily connect the dots between estimating, project management, and field supervision, and are poised to one day become leaders in their field. 

Windover’s first CMAP employee, Ryan Thomson, joined the program just days after graduating from Wentworth Institute of Technology. He has been assigned a mentor and has been working directly with managers from respective focus areas during each of the rotations. Upon completing all rotations, Ryan will graduate from the program and continue his career at Windover as an Assistant Estimator, Assistant Project Manager, or Assistant Superintendent.

“Participating in Windover’s CMAP program has not only given me direct access to industry professionals, but it’s given me the opportunity to see projects from start to finish at every angle,” Thomson said. “I’m working alongside great people doing great things together. My colleagues genuinely care about their work and their coworkers’ wellbeing, and although I’ve been here for a little over six months, my time at Windover is just beginning.”

Apprenticeships have become more popular due to the unique and hands-on training provided. Where Windover’s CMAP program stands out is offering participants exposure to a diverse range of project types, from hospitality and state-of-the-art science centers to luxury coastal homes and academic and commercial buildings.  Another key feature of the program is that participation is not just limited to college graduates but is also open to existing employees. As a very culturally-focused organization, Windover also offers CMAP participants exposure to industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies in an enriching work environment.

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