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Anyone who has visited Kennebunkport will be familiar with The Candy Man’s flagship location. And now, North Shore locals are fortunate to have the shop’s second location open in the heart of downtown Newburyport. Brothers and owners Jim and Jack Biagioni love the North Shore and when a coveted storefront became available earlier this year, they jumped on the opportunity to make it their second location, officially opening their doors in May. 

Determined to make the Newburyport shop everything that patrons love about the Kennebunkport store, the new space more than lives up to its name. Penny candy of seemingly every variety lines the walls and glass cases full of freshly made chocolates and fudge are on display. An entire wall is devoted to taffy, featuring more flavors than you could imagine (but surely there’s no harm in trying them all out!) 

On the ceiling, a train makes its way around the track, which is charming for children and adults alike. The aroma in the air is that of the most delicious chocolate, thanks to on-site candy making that takes place daily. At the back of the store a large glass window offers a view of candy being made. This aspect was something that was important to the brothers; as Jim Biagioni puts it, “being able to install these large windows to let people watch us make the candy was a huge thing for us. It shows them how fresh it all is and they love to see and learn a little bit about the candy making process.” 

Not content to just wing it in the world of candy, the brothers have made it their business to understand chocolate. Everything, “from the temperature, to the chemistry of chocolate, has to be just right,” says Jack Biagioni. The brothers work with local suppliers to source the highest quality ingredients and use tried and true old-fashioned techniques to make every confection. 

Everyone has their favorites, but The Candy Man’s best-selling items are their turtles, which any chocolate lover will know are the perfect balance of chocolate, caramel, and nuts. Available in milk, dark, or white chocolate, they are made on the premises with cashews, pecans, or almonds. Some are finished with sea salt and all are uniquely delicious to The Candy Man. 

While the brothers are delighted to sell candy, community means just as much to them. From collaborations with other local retailers (recently Harbor Creamery featured The Candy Man’s spicy dark chocolate bark in one of their ice cream flavors) to finding creative ways to engage with customers, being personable and welcoming is part of The Candy Man experience.

Its why a corner of the Newburyport store features a giant jar of candy that invites patrons to guess the quantity inside. This candy guessing game has become a huge draw and is a fun way for the staff to interact with customers. And of course, calling the winner and letting them know they’ve won is a treat for all involved. 

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