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A fitness studio situated steps from a harbor might sound unique, and it is, even for a seaside city like Newburyport. But what a fitting backdrop for Meagan Fitzgerald’s new workout venture, The Set studio, a workout for your body and mind(set). The vibe is uplifting and light, the physical space includes walls of oversized windows; morning and evening classgoers are treated to stunning sunrises and sunsets over the water.

Fitzgerald’s spirited nature has overseen all aspects of the studio buildout, from finding the space to painting and purchasing new equipment to curating a team and designing the perfect playlists for class. Through it all, Fitzgerald has kept a central focus in mind. “I am a wife and a mom of three girls. I need this to be a place that adds to my life and to the lives of everyone who comes here, rather than have it be a source of stress. This is something positive that we are creating,” she explains.

Meagan Fitzgerald

The Set is a studio for everyone. As Fitzgerald puts it, “Yes, your body is going to change by coming to The Set. Yes, you will see aesthetic changes, and yes, you will be healthier, but all of that is a by-product of the changes your mind will undergo. The last thing on your list can easily be taking care of yourself. Here at The Set, you do not need to overthink how you show up on a given day in this space. Whether it is work, kids, home life, you can come here and just be.”

Fitzgerald’s classes have elements of traditional barre and are heavily influenced by Pilates, which is one of her great fitness loves. The studio is currently offering a variety of classes seven days a week, including Sweat & Sculpt, Pilates Fusion, Pilates mat, Rhythm & Barre and Yoga Fusion. Says Fitzgerald, “Our workouts are super challenging but also super fun and manageable. We balance all these elements during the course of a class. If you haven’t taken a Pilates class before, that is perfectly fine. You will learn quickly!”

When it comes to her team of instructors at the studio, Fitzgerald simply says, “I really value them. We are aligned in our principles- and they love to teach. They are taking time away from their lives and their families to be here, and they want to be here, which is something that really translates into how excited they are to greet everyone who comes to class.”

Fitzgerald has a 500-hour mat and comprehensive apparatus Pilates certification as well as multiple barre certifications and is speaking personally when she says that after years of fitness and training, she finally discovered “how to love my body through moving it in a new way. For me, it was not super-high-intensity cardio, although those can be awesome. I love the mindfulness, the strength, the dedication that Pilates and Barre can require. I also love that these fitness options meet you where you are at, and that you can build upon them at your own pace, week after week, year after year,” she says. Whether you are pre- or post-baby, in your 20s, raising kids in your 30s and 40s, or into your 50s and beyond, all classes are customizable to your fitness level, which changes throughout your lifetime.

The studio is large enough that you can meet new people and small enough that you don’t feel intimidated to start. Beyond classes, the beautiful space lends itself well to workshops and other community events, and Fitzgerald intends to have the space play host, especially as the weather improves. “We are located near downtown, right near the water. It is such a great destination and location for The Set to have landed for so many reasons,” she says. The studio also features an in-house outpost of Marblehead’s Twin Lion, so clients can shop a selection of athletic and athleisure wear anytime they are in the studio.

Fitzgerald is the founder of Abundant Body, a confidence-building, actionable-steps program designed to help participants feel the best about themselves. “With Abundant Body, I have been there. I have dealt with all the struggles, I am here to ask, Why do you feel that way? What can we do about it? We peel back the layers of societal norms to show you how to live with confidence,” she explains, “and in many ways the opening of The Set studio feels like a very natural extension of this work.”

58 Merrimac St., Newburyport,