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Winter flurries bring with them our cravings for warm drinks like cocoa and coffee, but at 10 Center in Newburyport, chilly evenings remain that way with the frosty tiramisu martini.

The cocktail covers cravings for both caffeine and chocolate. Plus, it can stand in for your dessert. “Instead of a cappuccino and chocolate cake, you can just have a tiramisu martini,” says bartender Emily Wetenkamp, who created the crème drink.

The martini comprises equal parts brandy, which adds delicious density, and espresso, which creates a full, foamy top. It’s also shaken with Faretti Biscotti Famosi, an Italian liqueur reminiscent of an almond cookie, and Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur for a punch of creamy sweetness. The mixture is served in a glass that’s rimmed with crushed lady fingers, closely resembling the real thing. Wetenkamp drizzles chocolate sauce in the martini glass before pouring, and says those who don’t like espresso can be creative.

“If you want it sweeter, substitute an espresso liqueur or Kahlúa in [the espresso’s] place,” she says. “I like authentic espresso, especially because it gives it that crème. It’s great for show, and it also soaks into the lady fingers. It gives it better flavor.”

Wetenkamp says that tiramisu is her favorite dessert, which is what inspired the cocktail. While the beverage itself is like a dessert, Wetenkamp says it can be paired with cheesecake, tiramisu (the real kind), raspberries, and even pretzels. Or, pair it with anything chocolate for a double dose of decadence.