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The Spa at Encore Boston Harbor has introduced several special spa treatments to help guests unwind this winter, available through February. Whether your perfect winter escape feels like a snow-covered evergreen forest, or a cozy indulgence in lavender and ginger scents, treat yourself or a loved one to rejuvenating treatment during this frigid season at The Spa at Encore.

The resort recommends you spare 30 to 45 minutes before the time of your treatment to enjoy the heat and water facilities that comprise a hot and cold plunge, a eucalyptus steam room, a dry heat sauna and a waterfall shower.

Winter Blues Reset

Shorter days and colder temperatures leave many of us feeling aching and lethargic. This personalized full body massage greets the mind like a walk through an alpine forest. A warm evergreen blend is infused with balsam fir, pine and juniper and laced with Sicilian Bergamot to revive the body and mind. Additionally, a Gotu Kola healing balm eases dryness in the hands and feet, and is applied to intensely moisturize and replenish lost hydration. The 80-minute treatment is available through February 29. Monday through Thursday the cost is $210, and Friday through Sunday it’s $230.

Wellness for Valentine’s

Unwind with this deeply revitalizing full body massage featuring lavender blossoms blended with sweet Lavandin to calm and soothe the mind and wring stress out of tension-bound muscles. Other herbal remedies like icy peppermint, sweet birch or arnica are applied and personalized in targeted areas as needed.

To finish, the therapist selects an herbal remedy extract made from organic and sustainably-sourced botanicals to use in your water or tea to help restore and promote your overall health. Remedies include Echinacea and ginger for immunity, milk thistle seed and Oregon grape root for cleansing, oats and passionflower for stress relief, or turmeric and dandelion root for muscles and joint support. This treatment can be booked individually or as a couple’s treatment in their couple’s room. The 80-minute treatment is available February 10 to February 16. Monday through Thursday the cost is $210, and Friday through Sunday it’s $230.

Valentine’s Specials

Celebrate love with wellness this year. Don’t limit Valentine’s Day gift-giving to your romantic partner; include your other loved ones, like your best friend or family members, or simply be your own Valentine and celebrate loving yourself. 

During the week of February 10 to February 16, enjoy a complimentary Fitness Pass to Encore’s exclusive Fitness Center when you book a Valentine’s exclusive treatment.

To make a reservation call 857.770.3900 or click here.