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With over 300 successful business transactions completed, the family team behind Emerald Business Brokers is positioned to be the go-to brokerage company specializing in marketing and selling small and mid-sized businesses in the New England area. 


With more than 20 years of experience, Terry Welch worked as a partner at the largest restaurant brokerage in New England, building a strong reputation amongst repeat clientele, and a strong network of resources in Boston and beyond.. Her son Brett Welch is a global cybersecurity sales director with a strong network of international business conglomerates. Together, they are the team behind Emerald Business Brokers, a new family-owned, Boston-based business brokerage with deep roots in the industry.

Terry Welch

“Together we have the experience, insights, and resources to make an immediate impact for our clients,” Terry says.  

Terry immigrated to the United States from Ireland more than 30 years ago. She used her tenacity and natural business-savvy to build a thriving professional life. While Terry specializes in restaurant transactions, she is versatile, with experience selling everything from convenience stores to printing shops to gas stations. 

When she decided it was time to launch a new brokerage, she reached out to Brett. Working with her son seemed like a natural fit: In his cybersecurity career, Brett has not only built up a  network of international business contacts, he also has a track record of handling over $50 million in transactions.

Emerald Business Brokers have perfected the process of listing and marketing businesses. After an initial consultation, Emerald uses its knowledge of the market to determine the value of the businesses and set an asking price that will appeal to buyers without underestimating the worth of the business. Emerald then promotes the listing across several channels, using its network of contacts to achieve maximum reach, and vets potential buyers to ensure they have the financial resources to close the deal. The full process is laid out in detail at the Emerald Business Brokers website. 

Brett Welch

“At eight years old I remember going to business meetings with my mom. Watching her conduct business with such ease was influential in my decision to our working together,” Brett says. “It seemed like a natural fit, and an opportunity to build a successful family-owned business.”

“Our business is to sell your business,” Brett says.

They’re off to a strong start. Within just two months of launching, the company has secured five listings for sophisticated business properties in Boston. 

For two years, Terry co-owned and helped run an Irish pub in Maine, and has been a partner in other small businesses throughout the years. This hands-on knowledge of the day-to-day operations of a business gives her a unique empathy for both seller and buyer.

 “I understand the complexities and the challenges of owning your own business,” she says. “And I know what concerns can arise during the process of selling a business you’ve poured your heart into.”

Along with deep industry knowledge, the new company understands the value of discretion. Restaurateurs interested in selling can rest assured that Emerald Business Brokers will keep their listing private. While reaching out to potential buyers, they ensure the continued smooth operations of clients’ businesses. 

Though the company takes pride in its family roots, it has no plan to remain a small enterprise. The intention – and the expectation – the Welches say, is for Emerald Business Brokers to become the premier business brokerage firm in New England. And they won’t stop there. The plan is to also handle mergers and acquisitions after careful consultation to ensure the parties are a good fit, as well as leases, in Boston and beyond. 

The goal is simple, Terry says: “Any time someone sells a business, Emerald will be their go-to brokerage.”

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