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In response to Governor Baker’s stay-at-home order, members and visitors of the Trustees of Reservations can continue to engage with their favorite places or experience new destinations through virtual tours, activities, and original content from around the state.

Enjoy a moment of mindfulness and observe a Monarch Butterfly at rest, learn how to make pizza dough with the FARM Institute on Martha’s Vineyard, and watch a reading of Iggy Peck, Architect by the deCordova staff.

“While many of us are working, learning, and recreating from the comfort of our own homes, we are excited to unveil new content designed to give our members, friends, and neighbors a fresh perspective, moments of zen, and opportunities to engage,” says Alicia Leuba, Trustees vice president.

“During these unprecedented times we understand the isolating impacts that social distancing can have, and our engagement staff is working to bring our properties and programming to everyone virtually.”

The virtual activities, programs, and content are available on, and are being distributed through Trustees social media channels. A bi-weekly email of updates and featured content is available by subscription

The educational programming, interactive family activities, daily nature highlights, artist videos, cultural chats, and more come from engagement and property staff statewide. Several new forms of content have been created including deCordova Voices showcasing the talented artists, staff, colleagues, and supporters of the Lincoln sculpture park and museum.

On the North Shore, The Crane Estate host virtual fireside chats from the safety and comfort of staff homes. Viewers can also enjoy a coastal journey on Martha’s Vineyard, with citizen science videos and awe-inspiring imagery. Other pieces are drawn from the Trustees archive and offer a fascinating glimpse of the organization’s storied past.

These activities are being scheduled and promoted on a regular basis, in place of on-site programming. “Elevating cultural experiences is an important part of our mission,” notes John B. Ravenal, Trustees vice president of Arts & Culture and artistic director, deCordova, “While our way of interacting with our members and friends has changed for now, we are still committed to providing these important experiences and building The Trustees of the future.”

Specific offerings available now include:

Get your (virtual) dose of nature with sunset streams and wildlife cam videos.

Find a link to art, culture, and history with virtual tours and fireside chats.

Cultivate your garden with how-to videos and article.

Enjoy at-home cooking demonstrations for culinary inspiration.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, Trustees properties—both indoor and outdoor—are temporarily closed to the public. The Trustees is working to provide further guidance on opportunities to visit the outdoor properties, in line with CDC and state social distancing guidelines.