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If you’ve been searching for a pair of high-performance leggings that look as beautiful when you’re running errands as they do when you’re running across the finish line, you’ll find them at the new Booty by Brabants pop-up store, which opened November 17 at MarketStreet Lynnfield

Open now through spring 2020, the first Booty by Brabants retail location on the North Shore will sell items from the brand’s one-size-fits-most fashion and workout line, including leggings, sports bras, shorts, and jackets. 

“The Booty by Brabants brand is unlike any other athleisure company out there because there’s a personality and so much heart at its core,” says CEO and founder Kelly Brabants, whose line of signature leggings and athleisure wear was born from personal need and experience. 

While working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor, she realized a need for high-quality and stylish leggings that were both comfortable and that stayed put during workouts. 

“The fashion side of my brand came as a result of my fitness background; I never saw myself as a fashion designer, I just knew a good pair of workout pants when I put them on,” she says. Now, Brabants designs each of the brand’s 200-plus products, which are manufactured at a facility that she manages in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where her family is from. 

Since launching in 2014 with Booty by Brabants workout classes, the brand’s popularity has skyrocketed. Brabants hosts workout classes throughout the region, with devotees eager to participate in the high-intensity, cardio-based group workouts. 

Now its athleisure line is equally popular, including among Patriots cheerleaders, who wear the leggings as part of their NFL on-field uniform. 

“What started as me selling leggings out of a suitcase after class one day, and selling all 100 pairs I had in 20 minutes, to now seeing the way they make women around the world feel confident, it’s a dream come true and something I’ve dedicated my life to continue growing,” Brabants says. 

The leggings, which come in a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, are especially beloved. 

“Because of the way they stay put and absorb moisture, women wear them to yoga, spin class, to run marathons,” Brabants says. “But they also pair them with heels for a night out all the time. They’re extremely versatile, which is what makes investing in them a no-brainer for most women.” 

They’re also made using a “one-size-fits-most” model, so they’re a fit for nearly all body types. 

“A lot of our customers compare BBB leggings to the ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,’ which I love!” Brabants says. “I can confidently say that they are made for women of all shapes, sizes, and ages.” 

Brabants has opened pop-up stores throughout the region, but the new MarketStreet location is the first one on the North Shore. 

“After hosting a one-off pop-up event in Lynnfield this summer, I was overwhelmed by the amount of loyal BBB customers who showed up excited to take my workout class and shop my leggings,” she says. “The positive energy was amazing, and I knew right then that Lynnfield would be my next stop.” 

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