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We sometimes forget that working out should be enjoyable. If you don’t love (or even like) what you’re doing, you are not going to want to do it (especially more than once). Which is exactly why we have rounded up some of the area’s newest, most creative, challenging, and fun group fitness options. With so much variety, we dare say you’ll happily be back for more.

Bounce + Barre, Motivate barre●cardio●nutrition, Amesbury

With two locations, in Amesbury and Rowley, Meghan Kinsey’s Motivate has a reputation that speaks for itself. Ever the pioneer, Kinsey has brought Bounce (yes, that means mini-trampolines) to the Amesbury studio, providing a workout where laughter comes with every class. Kinsey describes Bounce classes as being “reminiscent of childhood recess, where fun and fitness collide with a guaranteed smile!” These classes deliver impressive health benefits, including muscle strengthening, bone fortification, improved balance, enhanced pelvic floor health, weight loss, and stress relief, all with minimal joint impact.

Motivate | Photograph by Kate Donovan

Pilates, Repose Yoga, Newburyport

At Repose Yoga, instructor Robin Marino’s mat Pilates class focuses on strength and stability. A seasoned Pilates pro, Marino has been certified since 2004 and holds a 600-hour certification in both mat and apparatus Pilates. Her expertise is in making even the most challenging moves accessible and achievable (regardless of fitness level) and she infuses each class with her signature brand of humor and fun.

Yoga, Hot Asana Yoga, Newburyport

If you’ve taken a hot yoga or a warm yoga class previously, you understand the hype. No matter what temperature it is outside, a heated yoga class always feels divine. It is such a wonderful way to work out and meet your body where it’s at. Because there are different styles of classes for all levels, beginners will feel just as at home as longtime class-takers at Hot Asana Yoga.

Run Club, The Mom Comm, Salisbury

Looking for a fitness class without walls? The Mom Comm’s Run Club could be for you. Mom Comm founder Kristen Bonito is a United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy–certified run coach, a certified personal trainer, and a pre- and postnatal certified fitness instructor. Bonito has completed marathons, half marathons, triathlons, and more. The Mom Comm’s Run Club has a variety of options, from paid memberships to free Thursday morning runs, giving you little reason not to give it a try.

Spin, Motivate barre●cardio●nutrition, Rowley

Jess Bailey is the Rowley studio lead at Motivate and an ACE–certified personal trainer with 12 years of experience in group fitness (in addition to lots of other know-how). Her classes include Motivate’s ShredRide and HIITRide, and both are guaranteed to challenge all riders in a manageable way. Bailey says, “I am all about the beats; the music is so important and it makes every class fun and different!”

Weight Training, Motivate barre●cardio●nutrition, Amesbury

Jess Bailey also teaches Motivate’s Core+Buns+Guns, a 45-minute class that is a favorite of Motivate clients and of Bailey. This class focuses on the core and lower and upper body, along with cardio, all set to infectious music. Modifications are welcome as are all fitness levels. Bring clean, indoor sneakers for this one.