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Tomorrow is slated to be the most exciting day of the year for Appleton Farms cows. They are going back out onto pasture for the first time since the beginning of November!

In the winter, the cows live inside, eating hay, excitedly waiting to get back outside and return to open land. Tomorrow, they’ll be brought out of the barnyard and over to the pastures, where they’ll be able to roam and graze freely. This process not only makes the cows healthier but goes a long way towards providing for the health of Appleton Farms grasslands, as well.

Stewardship of the grasslands, including the rotational grazing of the cows, provides many benefits, from improved wildlife habitat and increased animal and plant diversity to increased rainfall absorption and more carbon sequestered. The grazing of the cattle is just one way that the farm ensures they have both healthier cows and a healthier landscape. 

The farm invites viewers to join them virtually on Friday, May 15, at 9:30 a.m. to witness this fun, once-a-year moment on the farm. You can watch the spectacle via Facebook Live on the farm’s page, @appletonfarms.